Air Abrasion

What is air abrasion?

Air abrasion is a comfortable and minimally invasive alternative to the dental drill. The air abrasion tool emits a stream of small abrasive particles — silica, baking soda, or aluminum oxide — and air pressure to prepare teeth for restorations.

Why does Holistic Dentists use air abrasion?

Patient comfort is at the heart of our choice to use air abrasion. Another benefit is air abrasion’s conservative nature; it leaves an optimal amount of healthy, natural tooth structure intact. Also, air abrasion leaves teeth dry, which helps fillings bond properly to teeth.
Most patients prefer air abrasion because it is so gentle that, in many cases, local anesthesia isn’t necessary. The air abrasion technique also eliminates the main factors that cause people to fear the dental drill: heat, vibration, and sound.

Can air abrasion be used for my procedure?

Air abrasion is typically used for removal of superficial cavities or surface stains, or to prepare at tooth for bonding. As with other medical instruments, air abrasion has its limitations and may not be practical in all situations. We always provide individualized care to our patients and address their specific needs, so Dr. Gross will evaluate your condition and determine if air abrasion is right for you.