Oral Pathology and Chemical Sensitivity

What is oral pathology?

Oral pathology, also called oral medicine, is a specialty of dentistry that deals with oral diseases. Studies in oral pathology help us to understand the nature of oral diseases, identify risk factors, and provide effective treatments. Oral cancer, halitosis (bad breath), canker sores, stomatosis, and oral herpes are all cases for study in oral pathology.

How can an oral pathologist help me?

Oral pathologists are trained specialists in the field of oral diseases. If you have periodontitis, hairy tongue disease, a medial palatal cyst, or any other oral disease, an oral pathologist can diagnose and treat your problem and help you achieve better health. An oral pathologist can provide treatment with antibiotics, topical medications, therapeutic mouth rinses, or oral surgery.

Chemical Sensitivity: We can arrange blood tests with your physician to determine if you are allergic.