How are metal-free partial dentures used?

When only some of the teeth are missing, we can fit you with a partial denture, which is removable like a complete denture. Consisting of natural-looking replacement teeth, partials fill in gaps and support the existing teeth. Partials have a base that resembles gum tissue, and they attach to surrounding teeth with devices called “precision attachments” to hold them in place.

It is important that missing teeth are replaced to avoid strain on the existing teeth that makes them more vulnerable to fractures, cracks, and tooth wear. When tooth loss occurs, the teeth surrounding the empty socket sometimes shift out of position, and replacement teeth can help prevent this from happening. In addition, by filling in the gaps of your teeth, you will feel more confident about the appearance of your smile.

Can I eat with partial dentures?

It will take some time to adjust to wearing your partial denture, but because it is designed to precisely fit your mouth and stay securely in place, you should not experience any problems with eating. Start off by eating soft or easy-to-chew foods, and chew on both sides of the mouth so that you are applying even pressure to your teeth. Within a few weeks, you should be able to eat most foods with confidence.

How do I clean a partial denture?

Cleaning a partial is very important. Tartar tends to collect between the partial appliance and the surrounding teeth. Patients should be sure to thoroughly brush and floss their natural teeth and clean their partial with daily brushing to reduce plaque buildup and decrease the likelihood of the partial developing permanent stains. If we recommend that you use a denture cleaner for your partial, be sure to purchase one with the ADA seal of approval.