• Anamaria Pontes is a Registered Nutritionist and Ayurveda Therapist working with Holistic Dentists to deliver an integrated holistic program to prevent, restore and improve your dental health. She provides nutrition counseling and education empowering individuals to develop a sound and nurturing relationship with food and physical activity in order to achieve optimal health.
  • On her private practice, Anamaria investigates the root cause of symptoms and ailments through observations and interrogations regarding nutrition and lifestyle practices. She then works with clients to design a set of recommendations, which help them to achieve sustainable wellness. She offers a unique service on guiding individuals to gain, restore and maintain a positive state of health, while promoting longevity. Her counseling focuses on food, supplements and lifestyle practices’ value in healing the mind, body and spirit.
  • Anamaria facilitates and promotes wellness by guiding individuals to reestablish balance and harmony through good nutrition and lifestyle practices that are appropriate for their unique body and lifestyle. Developing wholesome daily habits is essential for ongoing wellness. She also appreciates how combining nutritious eating and exercise prevents disease and effects general flourishing. With that in mind she initiated her private nutrition practice with a holistic emphasis, integrating nutrition, fitness and wellness. To book a session with Anamaria click here.