Holistic Pediatric

Holistic Pediatric Dentistry

Does your child grind or clench their teeth? Do they suffer from breathing or airway issues, enlarged tonsils/adenoids? Do they keep you awake because they have sleep apnea, or Acid Reflux/GERD issues? Acidic juices in a bottle can cause your baby’s teeth to decay, but even a mother’s nursing milk can be acidic if the mother has low pH.

Traditional dentists avoid treating these conditions, but when the body’s physiological response is to grind away teeth needed for mastication, nutrition & speech, ask yourself what’s more important than that? Think in terms of natural and holistic solutions. The answer is healthy breathing habits, alkaline hydration & an analysis of the sleep environment. Lack of each of these will harm facial development and interpersonal connection (speech). Unless there’s acute pathology or trauma, most pediatric dental diseases are preventable, but you must be treated by a holistically trained specialist who will seek to review your family’s diet and lifestyle.

Parents can do pH testing of the saliva with Litmus Paper for 5 days upon waking. Visually examine the tonsils to see if they have a swollen or funky smell, which may be a bacterial infection. Check sleep habits/snoring, look for chapped lips, and dark eye pits. Is the child overactive during the day(wired but tired), usually misdiagnosed as ADHD but more often caused by poor sleep, airway issues, or poor diet?

We advocate that parents build a team of holistic pediatricians, ENT, myofunctional therapists, nutritionists and of course the right pediatric dentist, to support your child’s natural awakening.

What is a Holistic Pediatric Dentist?

Choosing between traditional (overly-aggressive) and biologic dentistry is one of the most important decisions a parent makes. Your child’s baby teeth, and the eventual permanent teeth, need to be examined on a regular basis. If you are the type of person that hates going to the dentist, holistic dentistry might be the right choice for you.

Our holistic pediatric dentist Dr. Parnian Yazdi is a board-certified pediatric dentist. Her dental care relates to the entire child. As a pediatric specialist, she loves building a lifelong relationship with your family.. She’s a tooth whisperer, with strong, gentle, behavior management skills. She uses prevention strategies and dietary counseling to get to the root cause of the problem. Dr. Yazdi offers FREE salivary pH testing and alkaline oral cleanse solutions.

It is critical for your child to develop a positive relationship with their dentist in the early stages of life and to establish the right dental home. Dr. Yazdi identifies that a dental visit can be an “exciting” experience for your child and that every patient is unique. Therefore she utilizes customized behavior management techniques and even provides desensitization visits if needed, to make each child feel their best about their dental home.

Holistic Practice Philosophy:

  • Never using mercury or BPA fillings
  • Alternatives to root canal
  • Non-extraction functional orthodontics
  • Preventative Nutritional Therapies
  • Remineralization of Incipient decay