Ask A Holistic Dentist

Ask a Holistic Dentist is a new consultation service that might save you pain and suffering from unnecessary surgery and spending thousands of dollars when there are simple, less expensive options. The process is simple!

Use contact form below and describe your tooth/gums situation (be as detailed as possible). When you receive an confirmation email, reply with any photos, x-rays or documentation from your previous dentist.

After confirming the time of your virtual appointment, we will contact you over the phone, process a payment (one time fee $200) using your credit or debit card, you will be connected with our holistic dentist.

As an educated consumer you are empowered to take control of your treatment, rather than being forced into hasty, expensive, and invasive services. Learn about more natural alternatives to preventing dental disease and the systemic toxicity of some procedures and products  Maintain a Dental Wellness log. Free oral saliva pH strips will be sent to you.

Learn alternatives to root canals, mercury amalgam, BPA fillings, periodontal surgery, implants, sleep medicine, TMJ, orthodontics, and pediatric dental procedure.

While it is possible to research through the internet, that does not replace professional advice based on your personal problem. Ask a Holistic Dentist will be provided by a licensed NYS dentist.

Limited Liability: Ask a Holistic Dentist is not meant to replace a hands-on physical examination by a dentist.


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