Plastic Surgery

What is a holistic face-lift?

At Holistic Dentists, we use various non-surgical techniques and services to help restore a healthy bite and a more attractive smile. Extensive dental work, prematurely lost teeth, and aging are all factors that cause the height of the dentition to collapse. Over time, this creates age lines, double chins, and a recessed profile. Services like facial skin Lasers, orthodontics, and prosthetic dental restorations open the patient’s bite for a more comfortably-functioning and younger-looking smile.

What are the benefits of a Laser holistic face-lift?

We offer many options for a holistic face lift so that you can choose a treatment that fits your specific needs, schedule, and comfort level. For instance, Invisalign clear braces are a great option for adults with crooked or misaligned teeth that have caused the mouth to appear older. All of our treatments for a laser holistic face-lift are non-surgical and minimally invasive. We offer results that enhance the cosmetic profile without aggressive surgery, Botox, or collagen fillers that may not be biocompatible.

Our treatments for a holistic face-lift are not only cosmetically enhancing, but also provide better oral and overall health. We believe that each dental service should be beneficial to the entire body. For example, dental implants can open a patient’s bite and replace missing teeth, which reduces the appearance of a collapsed mouth while also preventing the harmful effects a missing tooth can have on bite alignment and jawbone health.

How can I get a holistic face-lift?

If you are interested in enhancing your appearance without surgery and creating a more youthful look through a holistic face-lift, Dr. Lewis Gross can work with you to determine the right treatment. A consultation will help you decide what you would like to improve and your candidacy for the various procedures he provides. He may take diagnostic digital X-rays and examine your oral health to ensure the success and longevity of your holistic face-lift. If you have questions or concerns, Dr. Gross will be happy to explain procedures, offer alternative options, and help you feel comfortable with treatment.