Laser Dentistry

In our effort to offer our patients a variety of options that make them feel comfortable and promote total wellbeing, Holistic Dentistry offers laser dentistry procedures as an alternative to some traditional treatments. Laser dentistry is very beneficial to patients with dental phobias. Most patients believe it is more comfortable than traditional tools. Many patients prefer lasers because they do not produce vibration, pressure, and sound.

What is laser dentistry?

The two most common types of lasers are diode and carbon dioxide, and they work by emitting varying wavelengths of light that gently manipulate the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth. These concentrated light beams are used to reshape tissue, prepare teeth for fillings, and promote a better environment for healing after a dental procedure. The light emitted by a laser can also aid in teeth whitening or harden composite resins during filling procedures. In many cases, a dental laser is more accurate than traditional tools.

What procedures can laser dentistry perform?

  • Frenectomy (untying the tongue)
  • Biopsy
  • Benign tumor removal
  • Preparing teeth for fillings
  • Contouring gum tissues
  • Expediting whitening procedures

What are some benefits of laser dentistry?

  • Precision
  • Less tooth structure removed for fillings
  • Sometimes no anesthesia required
  • Decreased risk of post-procedure infection
  • Reduced need for stitches

Although lasers can’t address all dental procedures, they do provide many alternatives to some traditional procedures and can be more accurate, comfortable, and effective. If you have questions about dental lasers, contact our office to ask questions about your alternatives.