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Cranio-sacral therapy

Cranio-sacral massage promotes brain and spine health through gentle touches on the head, neck, and spine. As a complement to oral health treatments, it enhances overall well-being in holistic dentistry, contributing to a comprehensive health approach.


Anamaria Pontes, Registered Nutritionist and Ayurveda Therapist, collaborates with Holistic Dentists on integrated dental health programs. She provides nutrition counseling to empower optimal health through a balanced approach to food and activity.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

CPAP/PRO® treats adult sleep apnea using latex-free nasal tubes and a dental appliance or mouthpiece. Soft synthetic nasal inserts secure the seal, allowing controlled air escape to prevent stagnant air buildup. This promotes effective breathing during sleep.

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy in dentistry utilizes O3 gas for its antimicrobial properties, addressing dental issues by targeting bacteria, viruses, and fungi during therapeutic procedures. This approach enhances treatment effectiveness and contributes to overall oral health.


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Lewis Gross


Shweta Verma D.D.S.


Yazdi Parnian D.M.D.


Karl Dixon RDH, BS, MEd.


Mario Tuchman D.M.D., MD



People About Us

Dr Verma is my favorite dentist of all time. No matter how complex the issue is, she handles the problem with grace. Painless dentistry with exceptional outcomes. I love Dr Verma and I love Holistic Dentists.

Deirdre Anderson

This place has an amazing vibe!! From the front desk to hygienist to the Dentist himself. What a Wonderful visit to the Dentist this was !
BTW: I don’t like to visit dentist and this time I have to say “I enjoyed my Dentist visit. They take there time to explain all the work that you need to get done. No rush and no push either. Definitely, will be back soon !

Dee Dee

I loved this dentistry. Karl the hygienist was amazing, he took his time and was gentle. Dr. Lewis Gross gave me a great treatment plan, most importantly I felt comfortable there. They had great vibes and great staff! I highly recommend!

Lina Henriquez

Always pleased. In this instance, the office took my appointment to address a cavity/filling with 24 hours notice. Thank you, Holistic Dentists!

Steve Francolla

Dr. Gross and staff made me feel comfortable with the semi complicated work I needed done. They put my worries at ease and were confident in providing my care. They were excellent! They answered all my questions when I asked as well. I had not much pain after my procedure. The dental hygienist gave me the best cleaning I ever had. I am very happy and grateful to find Dr. Gross and his staff.

Valerie Rosato


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