What is Holistic endodontics and what are alternatives?

Endodontics is the dental discipline that deals with the internal structures of teeth.  At Holistic Dentists, we offer endodontic treatments ranging from simple to complex.

Our endodontic alternatives treat the dental problems that some believe to cause the most pain and distress of any oral health issues. In the center of a human tooth lies a canal that houses pulp, or nerve tissue. The nerve connects the tooth to the bloodstream, allowing nourishment and waste removal. As you know, nerves are our body’s sensation communication system. Therefore, when a nerve is in distress, we experience pain. We offer herbal alternatives and will make every effort to avoid root canal.

What treatments fall under the endodontics category?

Endodontic procedures alleviate discomfort and prevent continued damage caused by cracked tooth syndrome, deeply decayed, or internally infected teeth. If you are experiencing an acute toothache, you may avoid eating, which will only lead to worse health problems.

Minimally invasive procedures and conservation of natural teeth are the goals of holistic endodontics. We offer root amputation to remove roots damaged by infection and preserve the remaining structure of a tooth. Another common procedure is a root canal, in which we remove internal infection and can save an internally infected tooth from extraction.

Because we believe knowledge is power, our website explains the endodontic treatments we offer to alleviate your pain.

    • Cracked tooth syndrome
    • Root amputation
    • Root canal treatment