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Why We Use BPA Free Composite Fillings

Dental fillings are common tooth decay treatments, but they can present their own health concerns. Some kinds of fillings contain potentially toxic chemicals such as mercury and BPA, which may lead to health problems through chronic exposure. To safeguard your health, it is important to choose fillings that are free from these substances.

What's the Problem with BPA?

BPA (bisphenol A) is a chemical that is used to make several different kinds of resin and plastic. For instance, BPA is present in plastics used to make food storage containers and water bottles, and in the epoxy resin that lines food cans. BPA is also present in the composite material used to make dental fillings.

The problem with BPA is that it is released from the material made of it over time. There is evidence that BPA exposure may have negative health consequences on the brains and behavior of developing fetuses, infants, and children. BPA exposure can lead to high blood pressure as well.

According to the FDA, the levels at which BPA is present in composite resin fillings are safe. But, research into the effects of BPA is ongoing. To best protect your health, it is still important to reduce BPA exposure where you can.

Benefits of BPA-Free Composite Fillings

All composite fillings are free from mercury, a highly toxic substance that is used in amalgam fillings. Even though mercury levels are said to be at safe levels by the ADA, this means that it is better to have composite fillings than metal ones.

However, due to the concerns over the possible consequences of BPA exposure, fillings that are free of BPA and mercury are an even better option. As a result, Holistic Dentistry uses a BPA-free version of composite fillings.

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At Holistic Dentistry, we believe that good oral health helps keep your whole body healthy, so it is important to limit chemical exposure in the dental treatments we provide. Dr. Lewis Gross has been practicing dentistry for more than 30 years, offering a combination of advanced dental technology and holistic care that ensures your dental treatments protect your overall well-being.

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