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Director/General Dentist

Lewis Gross


Serving as director of Holistic Dentists in Tribeca, Dr. Lewis Gross oversees his staff and the daily operations of his practice. Dr. Gross has provided comprehensive oral care since 1979. With extensive experience and an impressive educational background, he offers patients expertise and guidance on all matters related to oral health. He served as an Assistant Professor of Oral Pathology at his alma mater, Columbia University. In addition, he provided counsel to the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office.

Special Interests and Focus

Dr. Gross believes that dentistry should focus on the effects it will have on the patient’s entire well-being, as well as the patient’s environment. Dr. Gross offers patients alternatives to traditional amalgam fillings that contain mercury, amalgam removal, non-surgical treatments for gum disease, and innovative options for root canal treatments. Known by his colleagues as a pioneer in alternative and integrative dentistry, Dr. Gross focuses on providing dental care that is beneficial to overall health.

Educational Background and Professional Experience

  • Columbia School of Dental and Oral Surgery
  • Lutheran Medical Center Residency
  • Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
  • Assistant Professor of Oral Pathology – Columbia University
  • Volunteer at New York City Examiner’s Office
  • Certified Medical Investigator – American School of Forensic Sciences

Outside of directing his New York City holistic dentist office, Dr. Lewis Gross is a published author and currently working on a second novel, The Amalgamist: The Da Vinci Code of Dentistry. In his spare time, Dr. Gross is known for his affinity for the Tango, a subject at the center of his quirky novel, Montauk Tango.

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Words From Our Patients

Dayana C.

I have experienced the pleasure of craniosacral therapy with Emily.Beyond the fact that she is extremely professional, gentle, and well-trained, I find that Emily truly cares about each individual, their particular circumstances, and their health. Moreover, she is extremely passionate about what she does, which is evidenced in the excellent work she delivers. I am a completely satisfied client. Simply said, she is the best!
The Simons Family

Tanya K.

Emily is an amazingly intuitive craniosacral therapist. I have tried many different therapies and doctors to help me with my alignment issues and she has by far done more for me in a few short sessions than any other type of treatment. I highly recommend working with her, you won't regret it!

Sandra White

Daniel M.

Emily Ireland is truly gifted in this therapeutic work, which requires a deep inner listening and sensitivity. The transformative effect of her sessions left me feeling balanced and restored, and it is all the more remarkable, given how subtle the process is externally. By nature nurturing and being aware, Emily already carries the healing power of someone who has done this work for decades.

Matthew Cruise