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Researchers have found a link between fluoride in pregnant woman's urine and a lower measure of their children's intelligence. A new study just published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives (September 19, 2017) says "higher levels of maternal urinary fluoride during pregnancy...were associated with lower scores on tests of cognitive function in the offspring at 4 and 6-12 years old."

According to FLUORIDEALERT.ORG, "the loss of IQ is very large." Dr. Howard Hu, the principal investigator states..."It also suggests that prenatal nervous system may be more sensitive to fluoride compared to that of school-aged children." Parents should filter home water supplies to remove heavy metals like lead, mercury and fluoride and BPA, a synthetic compound that mimics estrogen in the body causing some adverse effects. Charcoal filters will not remove these and other toxins. Only a reverse osmosis system is sufficient to create safe, alkaline drinking water.

According to Dr. Paul Connett, "It started at a time when Asbestos lined our pipes, lead was added to gasoline, PCB filled our transformers and DDT was deemed to be 'safe and effective."Forced Fluoridation violates an individual's right to informed consent to medication.

Although fluoride has lowered rates of dental decay in children up to the age of 18, it accumulates in our bones and the pineal gland (which some writers refer to as the third eye). Adults get no additional dental benefits from drinking fluoride, which works as a topical agent. It would be cheaper and safer to give every child a fluoride rinse and let them just spit. A tube of toothpaste is an outmoded delivery system and most contain preservatives and dangerous foaming agents, Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Triclosan.

What is the safer alternative to fluoride to prevent tooth decay? An alkaline lifestyle: a diet high in fruits and vegetables and no processed food, alkaline water and alkaline rinsing immediately after consuming acidic foods, buffers saliva and allows for the natural remineralization of teeth. Proper pH levels will reduce erosion and sensitivity (use litmus paper to record your oral health). Bad bacteria prefer an acid environment fed by the consumption of simple processed sugars and starches.

The balance of the oral microbiome and the redeposition of minerals, only occurs in an alkaline salivary system. Baking Soda powders or salt products have been the traditional format for an alkaline mouthwash. A new product, ALKA-WHITE mouthwash, contains Baking Soda, Coconut Oil and other essential Oils, in a quick dissolving, pleasant tasting, portable tablet, that can be used anywhere, anytime. Tribeca Center for Holistic Dentistry offers complimentary pH testing, free samples of Alka-white and consultation with our nutritionist.

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Come and Join us for a Fun Evening!
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Gift Bags and Refreshments for Everyone


Holistic Dentists along with Anamaria Pontes, our resident nutritionist and Ayurveda Therapist, are pleased to introduce her guru and Ayurveda physician, Dr. Sundara Raman.

For the first time visiting the United States, after touring Europe and Asia, Dr. Raman will provide a unique workshop about “Dentistry in Ayurveda” on Wednesday, November 9th 2016 from 6 pm-8:30 pm only at Holistic Dentists.

Ayurveda is an ancient Holistic system originated in India dating back over thousands of years. There is long history regarding plants for improvement of dental health and oral hygiene. Scientific studies found the use of herbs to be statistically significant in treatment and management of oral diseases.

This workshop will include his authentic view about this ancient medical system. Your practice will benefit from this workshop because Ayurveda is a science of life and teaches us to take care of ourselves through eating and lifestyle practices.

More about Dr. Sundara Raman

Dr. Sundara Raman received a Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) degree from Srichandrasekharendra Vishwa Mahavidyaalaya University, Chennai. He also has a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics.

Presently working as the Ayurveda physician and director of Mountain Top Clinic located in the Nilgiris hills in Tamilnadu, India. He has been counseling and treating individuals in an inpatient facility through Panchakarma, a purification system for more than 10 years and seeing outpatient individuals in his private clinic for more than 11 years with more than 30,000 documented patients.

Dr. Raman is currently working in few Research projects, one to name, “Reverse Pharmacology Studies in Ayurveda” with VIT University of Chennai. Dr. Raman is a Gold medalist, honored as Ayurvisharada title from Himalaya Company in 2005 & best practitioner award in 2009. He has made visits to Poland, Ireland, Japan, Singapore & Malaysia to create awareness and to propagate the knowledge of Ayurveda in those countries. After a long wait Dr. Raman finally comes to the United States to continue his work of spreading the knowledge of this ancient medical system called Ayurveda.

Dr. Raman will be conducting private Ayurveda consultations on November 9th from 10 am to 5 pm only at Holistic Dentists. Private Ayurveda sessions are by appointment only. For all follow-up sessions Anamaria will be available.

Location: Holistic Dentists, 17 Park Place, Ground Floor, New York, NY 10007

Wednesday, November 9, 2016         

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