IAOMT Spring Meeting 2021

IAOMT Spring Meeting


A Protocol to Balance the Mouth’s Microbiome


Sarasota, FL – March 12th 2021


The office of Dr. Lewis Gross DDS cordially invites the dental community to discover the power of pH. Presenting during Friday’s “Breakout Sessions”, Dr. Gross will take a deep dive into the causes, history, and current clinical thinking in oral care that he feels has so ignored one of natures more power and safe tools – fostering optimal oral pH balance in our patients through diet, lifestyle, & practical guidance.

Be safe, and we hope to see you all there!


Meet Lewis Gross, DDS

An alumni of Columbia University, Dr. Gross has been practicing in TriBeCa, New York for over 40 years. Want to learn more about his practice and professional experience? Read more

Are you unable to attend?

While things may be improving, COVID-19 is not yet a distant memory for most of our country. Dr. Gross understands many IAOMT members may be unable to attend, but would love to learn more. For a copy of his presentation CLICK HERE

On behalf of Dr. Lewis Gross, Alka-White® is offering a special opportunity to explore the custom 5-day pH balancing oral cleanse!

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