CST Testimonials

CranioSacral Therapy Testimonials

Emily Ireland, CST              


Emily is an amazingly intuitive craniosacral therapist. I have tried many different therapies and doctors to help me with my alignment issues and she has by far done more for me in a few short sessions than any other type of treatment. I highly recommend working with her, you won't regret it!

Tanya K.

On Thursday, November 5, 2015 I had the pleasure of having a cranio-sacral session with Emily. I had been experiencing pain in the left side of my neck and tightness and pain in my right hip/buttock/upper hamstring muscles. I was also very tired and a little stressed. The dental surgery performed on the upper right three teeth was still healing after a month with a small amount of tenderness in one area of my gums.

Emily took pictures of me and explained that this was for before and after photos to see the difference following the cranio-sacral face lift part of the session. I was happy to comply knowing I always have wonderful results following a session with her. When she put her hands on the back of the lower portion of my scull right on the cerebellum, I felt a wonderful release and relaxation of my jaw and neck muscles. Also, during the session, when she applied gentle pressure to the inside upper palate and lower jaw, my mouth felt more spacious and my breathing was steadier, which gave me a feeling of comfort. I experienced release of tension in my hip/buttock and upper right hamstring muscles and letting go of the stress throughout all my muscles and nerves.  

When the session ended, I felt as if I had slept for some hours, feeling very rested, alert and energized. Looking in the mirror, I could see how the skin on my face was smoother and brighter! That night I slept deeply and woke rested. To my absolute amazement, for 24 hours, I had no neck pain! This is a first in a year! Over this past week, my neck pain has returned, but not as intense. Also, my gums and mouth are feeling great! I highly recommend cranio-sacral therapy for balancing head, neck, mouth and all over body issues. Emily has a gentle, healing, educated touch. She knows her stuff!

Thank you Emily, for a wonderful session, and I will be back soon.

Marina H.

 After several months of suffering from neck pain with visits to my chiropractor and acupuncturist I was open to find another course of treatment. In a conversation with my dentist about my neck pain I was introduced to Emily. 

After one visit with Emily and her light touch therapy I felt an immediate relief. My issue resulted from work stress, posture and a personal tragedy that left me to suffer in pain. My initial visit with Emily addressed many of the pains associated with pour posture; imbalance from carrying heavy bags to former injures that left me favoring one side over the other. Subsequent visits addressed more cosmetic issues with facial alignment and improved breathing. As I continue my program with Emily together we are able to address more issues that cause pain and discomfort.

I enjoy my visits with Emily and feel the therapy is like peeling off the layers of an onion; with each visit another issue is addressed I am brought closer to balance and healing.

I would highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Emily. She is wonderful, patient and thorough. Emily shows true concern for her patients in an open and inviting atmosphere.


My experience with Emily has been wonderful, she's very kind and attentive and she has so much knowledge to share. I highly recommend her therapy.

For me, craniosacral therapy has helped me in decreasing TMJ, sinus pressure, jaw/neck pain, headaches, backache, and hip tightness. When I leave Emily's office, I leave feeling grounded, happy, and with a clear mind. What has surprised me the most is how gentle the therapy is but how strong the effects are. Aligning one's body through craniosacral therapy is not only helpful towards minimising physical pain but it can also be a meditative experience.

Thank you Emily for being such a great healer!

Karen M.

I have experienced the pleasure of craniosacral therapy with Emily.Beyond the fact that she is extremely professional, gentle, and well-trained, I find that Emily truly cares about each individual, their particular circumstances, and their health. Moreover, she is extremely passionate about what she does, which is evidenced in the excellent work she delivers. I am a completely satisfied client. Simply said, she is the best!

Dayana C.

I have had wonderful, amazing experiences with CranioSacral Therapy work with Emily Ireland. Specifically, I woke up one morning with an unexpected problem with my lower back or hip; I was not sure. It was very painful to walk. Emily had me lay flat on my back and proceeded to treat me. It was amazing to feel my hip move into place within minutes of the treatment. It is not something that I could have believed, had I not experienced it. Emily then continued to advise me with solid, wise suggestions that have kept my lower back and hip in place. I highly recommend Emily Ireland for CranioSacral Therapy.

Mary P.

Emily Ireland is truly gifted in this therapeutic work, which requires a deep inner listening and sensitivity. The transformative effect of her sessions left me feeling balanced and restored, and it is all the more remarkable, given how subtle the process is externally. By nature nurturing and being aware, Emily already carries the healing power of someone who has done this work for decades. 

Daniel M.

The craniosacral treatments I've had with Emily Ireland were a revelation. Originally I went to see Emily for a general consultation, not sure what to expect. I mentioned issues I was having with my right knee and hip, but did not expect her to succeed in remedying or even addressing those problems. After years of ineffective treatment elsewhere I was skeptical that CranioSacral Therapy would be the answer. Since her treatments, however, my knee and hip have improved greatly, leaving me feeling stronger and more balanced. In addition to those long-term gains, the weekly sessions were relaxed respites from the stresses of daily life. I can't thank Emily enough for introducing me to a wonderful therapy that I will be sure to use again and again.

Harris F.

I cannot believe I waited 29 years to discover CST!! I am forever a changed woman because of the experience I have had with Emily. I received about eight sessions during the last six months from Emily (during pregnancy as well as post)... AMAZING!! I was able to get relief of physical symptoms, such as low back and hip pain, neck pain, muscular abdominal pain, incision/scar discomfort, etc., but also mental/emotional relief of anxiety and stress. There were also unexpected benefits of the therapy, such as improved sleep and bowel function (which can both be problematic to a pregnant woman). The concept of what CST is was difficult for me to understand and explain to others; however, I can say that it is truly wonderful and I encourage everyone to find out for themselves. Emily always conducted herself very professionally, and educated me as she went through sessions and gave me proper feedback after sessions. I am always looking forward to my next CST session with Emily!

Kathryn M.

Emily has a very healing energy about her. As soon as I lay on the table, I felt calmer and more relaxed. This wonderful energy radiates from her hands, and she uses her hands intuitively to guide her to all the correct spots, the troublesome areas I needed the most work on. The work she did with me released both muscle tension and joint pain, and my knee injury that I was dealing with at the time felt much better after her treatment. Emily could tell that I was using a strong hyperextension in my knees in order to have length without injuring myself on pointe, but she told me that apparently my right patella had gotten ‘stuck’ in the quad muscle as I was dancing. Emily, using her hands and this information from my body, released my kneecap back down into place. She also gave me full body treatments for internal balancing and strength, for homeostasis, as she put it. Knowing that I am a professional ballet dancer, Emily understands the pressures of this vocation on both my body and psyche, and she was always supportive and nurturing about the hard work and pressure I put on myself. It is a tremendous relief and a gift to have someone like this influence me. I enjoy the training tips and body mechanics lessons Emily has given me, and that has helped me with my general well-being, technique and performance.

 Elisabeta S.