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Thanksgiving Foods Bad For Your Teeth

This Thanksgiving Think About Your Teeth

This holiday season let’s thank our teeth for the many years of good service and protect them from future decay and acidic erosion. That means don’t give up the merriment and parties but consider how seasonal food and drinks affect the oral environment. Thanksgiving is a holiday centered around a traditional meal, but not all

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Alkaline Oral Cleanse

5-DAY PROGRAM TO NATURALLY PREVENT TOOTH DECAY AND ACIDIC EROSION    by Dr. Lewis Gross One of the biggest myths I’ve heard in my 40 years as a dentist is that cavities are caused by soft teeth and that the only deterrence is either fluoride or invasive, restorative dentistry. Your teeth are generally no softer

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The Importance Of Healthy Gums

When it comes to oral health, there’s a lot of focus on the importance of keeping teeth strong and healthy. But, gum health is just as important. Unhealthy gums can contribute to serious diseases, and can also be a cause of tooth loss. Good oral hygiene and regular dental visits help keep your gums and

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