Alka-White 5 day Oral Cleanse

Over the last 35 years Dr. Lewis Gross, a groundbreaking advocate for holistic dentistry has looked into LOTS of mouths. And what he finds often has the power to surprise even him.

“People are getting cavities later in life, drinking more acidic beverages like coffee than ever before – developing high levels of acid in the mouth which erodes enamel and creates bad breath.

Ironically, at the same time, we are as a society, more health conscious and aware about the rest of our bodies. Everyone can tell you they should be exercising, eating right, doing cleanses, finding work/life balance to maintain physical and mental equilibrium.

I looked at my own habits – and those of my wife and three adult sons and realized…we all know better but sometimes, you just want to have that glass of wine or double shot of espresso. And that’s why I developed ALKA-WHITE® The Alkaline Oral Cleanse™.”






ALKA-WHITE® is a one of a kind, revolutionary 5-day Alkaline Oral Cleanse™
It’s the holistic solution for better breath, healthier gums and a more confident smile.
All you have to do is:

Dissolve one effervescent tablet in 2 oz of warm water, 3x a day.

Swish 1 oz in mouth…..brush with the remainder.