Alka White

Dr. Lewis Gross, director and owner of Holistic Dentists for 35+ years, started to notice an increase in acidic saliva among his patients. Acidic saliva is detrimental to an individual’s mouth as it may demineralize teeth and result in tooth decay and erosion. To prevent his patients from acidic saliva and its horrible affects, Dr. Lewis Gross has formulated a natural and organic alkaline mouthwash tablet that alkalizes the oral saliva, whitens teeth and freshens breath.





Natural means no synthetic or artificially processed ingredients. Our products are formulated with all natural, never processed, essential oils and spices. As a holistic company, we believe individuals should have a choice when it comes to products and deserves only the best quality. We are proudly manufactured in America and take great pride in being sourcing our ingredients from only the best purveyors.



When creating Alka-White® our primary goal was to balance oral acidity naturally. Dr. Gross had determined that oral acid may cause much of the harm teeth and gums experience. As you could imagine, your saliva bathes your teeth on a consistent basis. If your saliva is acidic, it will cause tooth decay and demineralize your teeth. Balancing the pH in the oral cavity will halt these effects but Alkalizing can even restore your oral health and let teeth remineralize. By formulating a natural alkaline mouthwash tablet you may now naturally prevent tooth decay and
tooth erosion!



Holistic may be defined in medicine as viewing or relating treatment to the whole body rather than individual parts. Our products are holistic because they treat the mouth as part of the whole body. Moreover, we hope to educate our customers about the negative effects of acidic saliva and why it is important, both for oral and systematic health, to maintain an alkalized diet.


Alka-White is an all-natural, organic, non-GMO, vegan,

effervescent mouthwash tablet that alkalizes the oral cavity,

whitens teeth, and freshens breath.